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Born and raised in Cleveland, OH before moving to southern Florida in the 10th grade, Ill Lil went on a mission to find his own voice when he unearthed a talent lurking beneath the surface-- music.


No longer with his older brothers, and in an unfamiliar setting, the time had come for him to create a space all his own and finally share what was on his mind. At his new school, music proved instrumental in making friends where it was easier to make enemies. Instead of fighting, crowds flocked around him to find out who was beating on lockers and tables, rapping and singing, making off-the-dome music that demanded their attention-- they found Ill Lil, the gentle giant in his element.

ill lil

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Standing 6'5, he could easily be mistaken for a pro basketball player, and although he's nice on the court, his natural gift is hearing a track and almost immediately creating the most complimentary lyrics.


"When I make music I want them to feel the song, not just hear it. We need to start feeling things again."- Ill Lil

His subject matters are a blend of bottled up emotions being expressed, how he relates to different sides of himself, and commonly how he relates to "his queens".

The music that Ill Lil creates is sincere, emotive, intentionally filled with high vibration and super catchy.  Though he's just getting started he says he's been waiting for this moment all his life.

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