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Eric "EŽ" Floyd is a Professional Singer, Video Producer & probably the Coolest Guy you'll ever meet. EŽ was born and raised in the projects of Cleveland, OH, now resides in Los Angeles, California. Life has never been easy for EŽ but he's managed to prevail & reach many heights. Having Success on social media performing Comedy Sketches, under his alias #FloydSkits, EŽ now plans to pursue his first love, music. EŽ's style is unique, authentic & genuine! EŽ's talents are second to none and he plans to utilize every piece of them to share with the world & inspire the next generation of Artist. 

EŽ has performed many places in Cleveland, OH & Miami, Florida. His works have been viewed by Millions of people online. 
Prepare for an Energy and an Experience like no other...EŽ


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