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D. RenEE

Danielle Owen aka “D. Renee” is a Toledo, OH native who grew up in Cleveland and has been

a performer all of her life.

As a teen, she was privileged to perform at some of Cleveland's most famous landmarks which include the Playhouse Square, Hanna Theatre, Progressive Field, Browns Stadium, and with the Cleveland Orchestra.

Known for her amethyst-coloured hair, D. Renee says it's more to her than meets the eye.

Encouraged to follow her dream by her loving late grandmother, she would soon be put to the test of 

pursuing her love of music.

While coping with that loss, a year later, this young woman would find herself battling breast cancer.

After treatment, a lot of self-love and healing, she would go on to re-develop her strength and emerge livelier and more passionate than ever before.

In 2017 she moved to L.A. an inspiration and survivor.

D. Renee's performances are a testament to strong-will and determination, as she tirelessly dances, she exudes abundant stamina and sex appeal. She attributes her drive to deliver an impressive show to two of her greatest influences, who are also two of the world's greatest performers: 

Micheal Jackson and Beyonce.

 This developing artist is a multi-entertainer who records, sings, writes, dances, acts and models.

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